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Hello, hello, hello (hello) and welcome to my awesome page of totally random stuff... Please take off your shoes and stay a while, without taking off your shoes because people around you will probably stare and possibly even take their shoes off and you'd be blamed for a huge shoe-less fad that would be spreading like an extremely infectious disease in a small, high populated area where people have a very low defensive system and no cure for the plague, or like a raging wild fire devastating an entire forest and all of it's inhabitants including poor little, defenseless, little, fuzzy, little animals.  With that said, I'll explain my web site a little.  

You are currently in the Main section of my site (hence it was the first page you arrived at).  This section contains descriptions of acll the other sections, as well as describing itself.  The music section has a list of most of the music groups I like, how much I like them and what genre they fall in to.  The Skating section contains a very small list of tricks I can attempt, tricks I can land (occasionally), some of my favorite skaters and a detailed description of my complete board (as if you cared).  Should you venture in to the Links section of my site, you'll find a list of links to my favorite sites and descriptions of what those sites contain.  

Right now you might be saying to yourself "Phhh, this place sucks, there's no pretty backgrounds!" Well it just so happens that I like the plain black background.  You will find a background in one section of this site as it is a requirement to add one (this was made in computer class) - but I assure you that it will be a rather dark background so you can still see my lovely green text.  If it bothers you that there are no backgrounds THAT much, then either deal with it or leave because this simple black background means alot to me....well not really, but it makes everything easier to read. 

Please (please) do not copy or modify my graphics unless I give you permission.  You might just get this permission if you e-mail me.  Thank you and have a nice stay at my page.


 The date is May 1, 2000.

Today is the day I upload this webpage.  After today, if I add to it, I'll put the date and what I did to the site.
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